Britney Spears - Live and More! Формат: DVD Дистрибьютор: BMG Music Региональный код: 1 Субтитры: Английский Звуковые дорожки: Английский Dolby Digital 5 1 Формат изображения: Standart инфо 13756r.

От издателя Watch teen-pop queen Britney Spears cavorting in the sun and surf in Live and More! Part concert video and part travelogue, it features eight songs performed live on Hawaii's Waikiki Beach, includбыиэыing of course hits from her smash album Oops! I Did It Again, in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans, the youngest of whom can be spotted mouthing the words while perched on their big sisters' shoulders These songs are interspersed with clips of her "down виытщtime" in Hawaii: learning to hula at the Polynesian Cultural Center, playing with a dolphin, holding a dance rehearsal at Waimea Falls, and parasailing She also gives an impromptu pizza party at the home of her "No 1 fan" and drops in on a classroom photo ops, sure, but also a genuine thrill for the kids Дополнительные материалы Music videos: "Lucky," "Oops! I Did It Again," "Stronger" Britney on Saturday Night Live: "Woodrow tвруйтhe Homeless Man," "Britney Judges Dance Tryouts," "Morning Latte," "Oops! I Did It Again," "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" Britney in Hawaii, including eight songs performed live Video jukebox Photo gallery Актер Бритни Спирс Britney Spears Бритни Джин Спирс родилась 2 декабря 1982 года в Кентвуде (штат Луизиана, США) Едва ли не с младенчества - во всяком случае это не слишком большое преувеличение - пела в церковных хорах, с 8 лет обучалась танцам и актерскому мастерству в самых .

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