John Hartford John Hartford Iron Mountain Depot Radio John (2 CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: BMG UK & Ireland Ltd Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2002 г Авторский сборник инфо 11557o.

Содержание CD1: John Hartford John Hartford Iron Mountain Depot 1 Dusty Miller Hornpipe And Fugue In A Major For Strings, Brass And 5-String Banjo 2 I've Heard That Tearstained Monologue You Do Tвасяьhere By The Door Before You Go 3 The Collector 4 A Short Sentimental Interlude 5 Mr Jackson's Got Nothing To Do 6 Open Rode Ode 7 Little Piece In D 8 The Poor Old Prurient Interest Blues 9 The Wart 10 Railroad Street 11 Another Shorвмсовt (But Not So Sentimental) Interlude 12 Orphan Of World War Two 13 The Little Old Lonesome Little Circle Song 14 I Didn't Know The World Would Last This Long 15 Like Unto A Mockingbird 16 Meanwhile You Sit By My Banjo 17 I Won`t Know Why I Went, Till After I Get Back 18 Maybe 19 Go Home Girl 20 Natural To Be Gone 21 Before They Tow My Car Away 22 To Say 23 Frustrated Bird 24 Hey Jude CD2: John Hartford Radio John 1 Skippiвсытуn' In The Mississippi Dew 2 Self Made Man 3 In Tall Buildings 4 And The Band Played On 5 Orange Blossom Special 6 Bed On My Mind 7 Waugh Paugh 8 White Lightning 9 Sunshine Lady, You Really Know How To Slow A Man Down 10 I Don't Love Nobody 11 California Earthquake (Bonus Track) 12 Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation (Bonus Track) Исполнитель John Hartford.

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