IMAX: Amazon (DVD + DVD-ROM) Сериал: IMAX инфо 11132o.

От издателя Nominated for an Academy Award Best Documentary Short Subject 1997 Explore the mysterious Amazon through the amazing IMAX experience Amazon celebrates the beauty, vitality and wonder of the rapiвбшхрdly disappearing rain forest Carrying the cumbersome IMAX cameras and other equipment, filmmakers overcame many difficulties to photograph this rarely seen tropical landscape and present it with all the visual power associated with IMAX The filmmakers photographed naвнкьпtive tribesmen untouched by Western civilization and discovered an awesome variety of animals and plant life Narrated by Oscar - winning actress Linda Hunt, Amazon follows a unique collaboration between an American scientist and a tribal shaman on a mission to find rare medicinal plants Amazon was originally filmed in the giant-screen format and exhibited in IMAX and other giant-screen theatres The video version of the film has been specially mixed and mastered to produce an outstвтгящanding Dolby Digital 51 home theatre experience Режиссер: Кит Мерилл Продюсеры: Кит Мерилл Джонатан Стерн Творческий коллектив Дополнительные материалы DVD 1 - Amazon in Widescreen plus bonus feature DVD 2 (DVD-ROM) - Amazon in High-Definition - The complete feature in Microsoft Windows Media High-Definition Video playable on Windows XP PCs' Режиссер Кит Мерилл Kieth Merrill Актеры (показать всех актеров) Линда Хант (Озвучивание) Linda Hunt Линда Хант, миниатюрная актриса, чье появление на экране, пусть даже и в эпизодах, производит сильное впечатление на знающую публику Сниматься она начала в 1980 году и в большинстве случаев оставалась на вторых ролях, но ее исполнительское мастерство Джесс Корти (Озвучивание) Jesse Corti Марк Плоткин (Озвучивание) Mark Plotkin.

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